General Cast Care Instructions


  • Follow your doctor’s instructions with regard to limiting your activity
  • Keep your cast clean and dry
  • Inspect the skin condition around the cast area
  • File down any rough spots on the cast with an emery board or place moleskin as needed



  • Insert objects inside the cast
  • Use oils or oil-based lotions on or around the cast
  • Pull out or rearrange the cast padding
  • Place additional padding inside the cast
  • Break off or trim cast edges
  • Engage in vigorous activity involving the cast area



  • You have increased pain or swelling
  • If you notice cold blue fingers or toes
  • You notice an unusual odor coming from the cast
  • You feel a burning pain developing in the cast
  • You experience numbness or persistent tingling
  • Your cast breaks, cracks, or develops soft spots
  • Your cast becomes loose
  • You develop skin problems at the cast edges
  • You develop a fever
  • You have any questions regarding your treatment


This handout is prepared as a guide only. Special instructions may be given to you by our staff. Specific timing of cast changes varies and will be arranged by your physician.